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Show jumping

Another show jumping game, with a customisable horse.


On the opening screen we advise You to click on the stall's door, because theere can you get a horse, and with a horse, it is mutch easier.

After this, put your name to the input box, and click ok.

Now comes the tricky part: click on the horse or the rider's body parts - you can repaint them if you want. (It's a popular danish custom to paint the horse before coming out from the stall, they call it "Velg farge til hesten".)

After you are out of paint, click on the stall's door again to get back to the court. There the "Til ridebane" is that, what we use to say "to the race cours!"

On the racecourse, use the right button to accelerate, and the left to break. Start only after the green light, or else you will be disqualified. To jump, use the up arrow.